I write this blog first and foremost as a follower of Jesus Christ.  The views and opinions I express will be infused with my understanding of the faith to which he calls me.  Within this, I write as one called to full-time pastoral ministry, and blessed to be working out that call as Minister of Beverley Baptist Church, Yorkshire, UK.

In order to make things easier to follow for those who only have interest in some aspects of this blog I have tried to use the “Categories” on WordPress systematically and consistently.  “Beverley” is for posts connected to Beverley Baptist Church, “Ministerial Training” for those connected to my theological studies at St Barnabas Theological Centre, Sheffield.  “Bible” is for thoughts on particular passages of the Bible, and so on.  Hopefully as the blog grows this will help you the reader to find the bits you want to read and filter out the rest.

Please do feel free to comment, they are un-moderated.  Questions or suggestions for future posts are also welcome.

God Bless


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