EU Referendum – a Christian approach

Many column inches have been devoted to the forthcoming EU referendum and the issue of the UK’s membership of the European Union.  Many of us, myself included, already know what we think and which way we will vote on June 23rd.  As a Christian Minister I don’t think it is part of my role to tell people into which box they should place their ‘X’, as with most issues there are some valid arguments on both sides.  But it does concern me that many Christians I have spoken to seem to be making their decision based on the economic and political arguments put forward by our politicians and press, rather than asking what light the Word of God might shed on the issues.

So over the next couple of weeks I hope to publish a series of posts opening up the Bible to what God might have to say to us about this.  These may be a bit longer than some of my posts, and unlike a lot of what I write is aimed very much at Christian readers, though I hope others may find food for thought also.  My aim is to remain politically neutral, and apologies in advance if I don’t manage that, but I want to open up some of the issues to perhaps a fresh perspective on the questions.


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