Reflections 3 years in

Yesterday was 1st September, and marked 3 years since I commenced paid Christian ministry.  I took some time to reflect on my experiences, for most of that time in St Albans, and for the past 3 months in Beverley.  There have been some real encouragements along the way, times of knowing God’s presence in a really meaningful way, the sense of having truly helped people in their Christian walk, the brothers and sisters who have encouraged, supported, and prayed for me in my ministry.

There have also been challenges.  Church people who have been challenging to work with and have, deliberately or otherwise, undermined and discouraged.  Difficult personal situations we have faced as a family, and times when we have felt under very real spiritual attack.  It has not been an easy road to walk.

But God has been faithful, through the good times and the bad.  At times it has felt like he wasn’t there, I have questioned why things have to be the way they are, and a couple of times got really close to giving up.  But looking back now I can see what he was teaching me, and how I have grown over the past 3 years.  My relationship with God is deeper and richer, my personal relationships have been enhanced, and I have a clearer sense of God’s calling and purpose than ever.

So I give thanks for all God has done in and through me so far, and trust in his continued presence and enabling in whatever the next 3 years will bring (even as I confess I still pray for it to be easier than the last 3).


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