Would you like someone to pray for you?

As I mentioned in a previous post, as part of the National Prayer Weekend we at Beverley Baptist Church will be seeking prayer requests from our community in a number of ways.  Some may be sceptical as to the likely response.  We read the stories about Christians being sacked for offering to pray for people at work, and hear the rhetoric of the neo-Atheists, and expect that anyone who does not already have a faith will at best decline our request, and at worst be highly offended that we have even offered.

Two things this week have encouraged me that this is not the case.  The first is a member of our congregation describing the response at a local food-bank when they offer to pray for people, with somewhere up to half of people being willing to be prayed for, and I hope we can hear a little of this during next Sunday’s service.

The second is connected to the Prayer Weekend.  This week I emailed our local MP and 3 councillors seeking their prayer requests.  I was worried that I had left it a little late to get a response out of such busy people in just over 4 weeks, and would they even bother to respond at all.  Within 24 hours I had an email from one councillor and the MP’s office were on the phone, only too willing to be prayed for even though our MP would not claim to be Christian.

Which encourages me that there are others too who will value our prayers, and I trust that as we lift them to God he will answer and lives will be transformed as a result.


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