I am firmly of the opinion that one reason we do not see God working in his church and his world more than we do is we don’t ask him to.  Prayer is something that we really seem to struggle with today.  The traditional prayer meeting model doesn’t work as well in our modern society, and we have struggled to replace it both in terms of praying together as God’s people and also encouraging individual Christians in their prayer lives.

So I am hugely excited that we at Beverley Baptist Church are one of over 800 groups and churches who have signed up for the National Weekend of Prayer.  What is particularly exciting is that this isn’t just about holding extra prayer meetings, but about creatively engaging with a local community to pray for them.  We already pray for Beverley, and particularly for the area around where we meet, but in September we will be going out to ask people what they would like us to pray for.  We’ll be distributing and collecting prayer request cards on the estate, as well as seeking requests in other ways, and on 27th September our morning service will be centred round praying for people and organisations in our area.

And hundreds of other churches will be doing the same.  Which is really exciting, as we look to see God answering those prayers, and lives being transformed by his Spirit.  Wherever you are, whether or not your church is involved, please do take the time to pray for those around you, and ask God to meet their needs and bless them at this time.


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